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True Abundance

With fall foliage in full bloom in New England, Quantum Jump is seeing True Abundance everywhere we turn. Session 1 of Foundations in True Abundance asks what does TRUE Abundance mean to you?

At Quantum Jump, we think the term  TRUE Abundance speaks to what is authentic and plentiful in our world. Abundance on its own in our society can connote a sense of too much, a conspicuous consumerism, lavish or opulent, an accumulation of things we don’t need.

When we are in touch with the Authentic or True Abundance around us, we see resources which we may not have seen before, we see possibility in our community, we see that everyone has something unique to offer, we see a world of richness.

What does TRUE Abundance mean to you? Post your response here!

Abundance?! We think so.

In everyday life there are millions of moments that we sometimes miss, step over or fly right through which could have been tremendous opportunities to create our own world of TRUE abundance. We were listening to npr on Friday and were treated to this incredible interview on story corps.

“Angelo Bruno, 60, spent more than 30 years as a sanitation worker in New York City. He and his partner, Eddie Nieves, cleared more than 14 tons of garbage from the city streets each day. But the two men, who worked together for nearly 10 years, found many treasures among the trash…”

This is a story of two regular guys with “ordinary” jobs  who took them on extraordinarily. They created their own worlds of TRUE Abundance among New York City trash cans.   They’re an inspiration to us all! What moment might you have missed today? What moment could you uncover tomorrow?

Listen to the full story.

Expecting Nothing in Return

Some places on earth represent paradise for me. One of those places in my life is the Adirondack Mountains: cold, clear streams, gorgeous lakes, blue herons, and hummingbirds in abundance.  My most recent visit this last weekend to the Irondequoit Inn in Pisceco, NY was a lovely awakening to the paradise not only that comes from connecting with nature, but with the nurturing that comes from connecting with like-minded souls.  My conversation with Irondequoit Innkeeper Pamela Corcoran was just that.

We started talking about a book that I am reading called The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, by Lewis Hyde, which she read a number of years ago. We started discussing the differences between gifts of exchange, and plain old gifting, where you give with no expectation of receiving anything in return.  She said that in a capitalist economy when we exchange goods for money or even when we are bartering, there is a premise of equal exchange. Therefore, we are always checking, judging, evaluating and making meaning from these exchanges. “Did I get what I want out of this exchange?  Was it fair, was it equal?” The answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no.

Giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return is an ancient tradition that has largely been lost as a practice in our culture. If you shift over to giving with no expectations, the whole universe shifts with you.

What might this mean for our work as fundraisers? What if we cultivated relationships with each-and-every human that is interested in our cause, regardless of what we thought they could give us in exchange? What if we gave the gift that is our mission without attention to what we would get in return for our efforts. How would that way of thinking influence our work?

Obviously as fundraisers, it is our job to raise money and generate resources. But consider putting that aside for a moment and developing a fundraising approach that operates on the premise of the gift – a one-sided offering of a connection to meaningful work. What might you do differently? How might you speak to people in your community about your organization? What would change if you were a fundraiser who expected nothing in return?

Stop for a moment…

I’m sitting outside a café in my small town and a UPS truck just pulled up.  How would I articulate what UPS does? I’d say, “they move stuff from one place to another.” Now…that is not exactly inspiring. Their vision, however, is right there, on the side of their truck, “Synchronizing the world of commerce.”

Why would they put those words there? Perhaps to keep present to the bold vision that they have to make a difference in the world. Perhaps to be clear to articulate their vision for the future. If I were a driver, it would definitely make a difference to me…to drive around under the auspices of something that matters, not something that speaks to the mundane or the difficulty of the task. I would want to know that I play an important role in a huge vision.

This led me to a couple questions for leaders of social profit organizations. How do we generate a shared sense of that huge vision? What conversations need to be started for your organization to reach its potential?

Getting started is very simple. Pay attention to your words and notice when you are about to contribute to sabotaging possibility and success for your organization. When you find yourself complaining or jumping on the bandwagon of discontentment or hopelessness, stop yourself for a moment and consider finding something else to say. Consider proposing solutions to things that aren’t working well. Speak about potential and opportunity, speak to the huge vision, that which excites you about your organization and the work you are committed to doing.

In order to inspire yourself and others, look for moments to articulate bold and powerful words. This language will not only inspire, it will give you energy and generate momentum. It will give your board energy. And most importantly, it will ultimately give your donors and volunteers energy.

How would you articulate what you are up to? Are you transforming kids lives? Are you facilitating people in reaching their potential? Are you providing beauty in the world through art and human self-expression?  Are you transforming the lives of people living with physical or mental disabilities?

Are you a solution finder or a problem finder? Pay attention to your WORDS…THEY MAKE YOUR WORLD.

An Idea Is Born: Taking a Quantum Jump

In early 2009, a group of friends gathered around my dinner table in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  The group was an eclectic one with tremendous insights and wisdom. Amidst the laughter and storytelling, the bites of cheesy lasagna, sips of red wine and commiserating about the economy – an idea was born.

The truth is  – everyone at this table shared one key thing  – a fierce and unrelenting passion for social change and the work of social profit organizations (previously known as non-profits). And yet, we had all seen too many great causes lose their financial footing, especially in recent months.

Collectively, we began to think about how we might make a big impact on these organizations – so deeply committed to making the world a better place, but still, struggling.  How could we change the very conversations happening within these social profit organizations so that they could do more than survive but would, in fact, thrive, in ANY economy? We didn’t know then, but at that moment, Quantum Jump was born.

Two people at that table, Kathleen Dowd and Rachel Kuhn joined me and we began crafting our business plan and developing an online education series, a virtual university, for fundraising professionals, ED’s and Board Members looking to make a major breakthrough in fundraising.

We drafted a vision and a mission and committed ourselves to creating something entirely new, something revolutionary – which would speak to people ready to play big, make change and generate real abundance for their organizations

Starting in September of 2010, Foundations in True Abundance, our first of a series of three courses will be launched. (Cue shout of joy!)

This blog will be a place for us to get together as a community of professionals and talk about what is possible in our organizations, share tools for breaking through the mindset of scarcity and challenge and question each other on the assumptions that might be holding us back. This is a place to try out new ideas and encourage each other as we steer a new course. It’s meant to be provocative and practical all at once.  We hope you’ll join us!

Laurie Herrick

Partner, Quantum Jump

Welcome to Quantum Jump

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Greetings from all of us at Quantum Jump!

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of amazing social profit (formerly known as non-profit) organizations who struggle with fundraising. So, we created this online education series specifically designed to help generate a breakthrough in fundraising.

Quantum Jump’s Big Vision is to unleash the inherent abundance and wisdom of humanity – we like to aim high!

On a practical level, that means we offer a cutting edge, interactive, online program for fundraising professionals to help them lead from any seat and access the abundance in their communities, so that their organization can thrive in ANY economy.

Quantum Jump offers a whole new way to look at fundraising and the proven tools necessary to achieve success.

Our new website (www.qujump.com) explains it all! We ask you to visit us online and poke around. If you like what you see and know someone who may interested, please pass it along.

Thank you so much from all of us at Quantum Jump,

Laurie, Kathleen & Rachel

Big News!

Our website is live!

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